Off the Fence

“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off.” – Jim Rohn

Many Airmen in my military career field are highly skilled and well trained in safety. Frequently, I’m asked for advice from these young military service-members about staying in or getting out of the Air Force.

Sometimes there is no “best” answer.

At one point, years ago, I too faced this crossroad. The best advice I received during this time?

“When you choose, pursue your chosen option with everything you have.”

This mentor went on to tell me if I chose to remain in the Air Force, the worst thing I could do stay and regret it or go through the motions until retirement. And if I chose a civilian career path, l should set big goals. In either case, “be the best there is.”

Sitting on the fence is painful. It holds you back from committing and provides a path for excuses to hold back opportunities. Too many options leads to a lack of focus on what is important.

Are you delaying a choice?


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