Old Ways and New Doors

“Old ways won’t open new doors”—Anon

The goals we set can feel overwhelming. With 24 hours in a day, time fights with our dreams. We find our schedules packed and ourselves stressed. The easy thing to do is to start dropping goals. They must be the problem…right?

In the “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone, he writes that having goals and multiplying them by 10 is the key. To get 10X results you must change. You must rewrite how you approach challenges. It’s not about trying harder, skipping meals or missing sleep. It’s a recalibration to a higher level, a different standard and new way of approaching the future.

If you have to go a mile in 10 minutes, you can walk. Two? Walk faster. But 10? You must bike or drive. It’s not always about faster or more…sometimes it’s simply about a new way.

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