Owed or Awed: How We Create Victims

A social media post this week by a retired leader in my organization drew hundreds of likes and comments in support.

I couldn’t disagree more.

They wrote, “There are so many people who have been pushed to the point they no longer care.” (modified to anonymize the author)

And the comments poured in from people with bad supervisors, bad work cultures, bad experiences, and so on.

My thoughts:

No one’s pushing you anywhere (and certainly not to care less). I’m not owed a thing. I’m not owed good leadership, support, a job, any culture at all, resources, or “good” experiences. And you aren’t either. Thinking you are owed anything is like telling your boss you’ll show up for work on time if they pay you first. Or asking for a raise and then working more effectively. It’s backwards.

I’m awed. Awed to work with professionals.

Awed to have opportunity to make a difference.

Awed to wake up and have meaningful work.

And simply awed to wake up.


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