Kidnapped as an infant, George and his mother were taken from their farm in southern Missouri. Their neighbors would later find George, but his mother was never recovered.

George grew up and moved several times. He put himself through school by money earned doing laundry, mending, and cooking. He finished a bachelor’s degree in ’94 and a graduate degree two years later. For his work in botany George became known as the “Plant Doctor” and would earn fame when he testified before Congress on one plant in particular.

George wanted to talk about peanuts. He went on to invent over 300 uses for the peanut. His work with the legume and sweet potatoes would diversify the diet of Americans for the next 100 years.

George Washington Carver wrote, “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from the people who have the habit of making excuses.”

Kidnapped, poor, and discriminated against, Carver’s work continues to positively affect our lives.

What’s your excuse again?

NOTE: One of Carver’s 300 peanut products was peanut chocolate fudge. There’s “no excuse” not to try a piece today.


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