Personal Finance from the First Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Gen Carl “Tooey” Spaatz has several famous lines about how vital airpower was to winning WWII. And as the first Chief of Staff of the Air Force, people listened (and still do).

But as a lieutenant stationed at Langley Air Force Base (1925), he wrote in his diary about the books he read. He wrote:

Read Steeplejack until noon-quotation ‘But to pass our interval between two eternities raking in gold is simply absurd to me…,’ henceforth, I am to acquire sufficient gold to cease any worry about old age. It may be ridiculous for an aviator to worry about old age, but I do, coupled with apprehension that someday I may quit my army career, either through my own volition or otherwise.” (American Generalship, E. Puryear, 2000)

Spaatz would live to the age of 83. He wrote the above journal entry at age 34.

Are you making the most of your “interval between two eternities”? Open that account today. Invest 1% and work up from there. Next year’s “you” will thank you.

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