Poppies and Bagram

In Vancouver this week and visited the War remembrance statue near the water.

The larger-than-life bronze angel carries a WW I Canadian infantryman into the sky. As the day was Remembrance Day in Canada (and Veteran’s Day in the U.S.) a bouquet of roses was laid at the angel’s feet, along with a few hundred poppies.

And just a few hours ago, during a Veteran’s Day 5k run at Bagram Air Field, a suicide bomber killed (at least) 4 people. Early reports say the explosion occurred inside the fence, near a large dining facility.

I’m in shock as I write this. The words in my head and at my fingertips seem trite and cliché.

To those who gave their lives, we honor you with ours.

How we live our days is a reflection of you and the choice you made to selflessly serve.

With a bowed head and on bended knee.


NOTE: Vancouver’s bronze angel is entitled “Winged Victory”. http://creatorsvancouver.com/angel-of-victory/



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