Questions matter more than Answers

EHS professionals know to ask questions during incident investigations. We must ask why, how, what, and why again.

Yet when developing ourselves we fall into a trap of looking for answers.

Stop. Everything you need for the next step is within you.

This point of view does not mean you’re already everything you need to be or a genius protégé who needs to nothing.

This perspective means you cease looking for answers.

And begin instead to look for better questions.

Questions transform. They make you dig deep and contain the power to reveal parts and pieces that answers could not hope to uncover.

Who in your life asks the toughest questions? Who doesn’t hold back? Who engages with you at a level deeper than the rest?

Find this person (or people).

Spend more time with them.

Questions confront self-limiting beliefs, long-held doubt, conflicting dreams and goals, and push deeper than anything else.

Question. Everything.


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