Raise Them To Rule

You know that CEO, the one who couldn’t care less about safety? OK, maybe they say the right things, but when it comes down to it, safety just comes third?

It’s probably our fault.

One day, twenty years ago, that future CEO was in a meeting when an EHS topic came up. It wasn’t clear what the issue was…was there really a hazard and was the significant change in operations really necessary? But the EHS pro was insistent. It was the law. Buy-in didn’t matter. If someone thought it was a hazard, it had to be corrected, arbitrary or not.

That day, the young executive formed a perspective on safety. It was costly, arbitrary, anti-business, and narrow-minded.

And the future CEO grew up.

Just as Aristotle taught Alexander the Great, we also interact, engage, mentor, and instruct future leaders.

Think about this every time you teach a supervisor safety training class, explain a hazard to a foreman, present at a budget meeting, or think that just because it’s a safety issue no explanation is necessary.

How would you change your approach if the next person you meet is the future CEO?

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