Random Thoughts on Gratitude

One day is not enough.

The daily practice of writing down three things I’m grateful for has kept me sane during rough spots.

All of the things I’m grateful for today, I’ve taken for granted at other times. Family, work, relationships, health, writing, reading…all of it. The daily practice of gratitude is a reminder of fragility.

An exercise in gratefulness: Imagine your life ended today. It’s over. Done. Sit with that thought for a minute with your eyes closed. Now open your eyes and live your life as it should be lived.

Interested in further developing your thankfulness today?

Visit Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving site to download “The Thanksgiving Reader”. It’s a short piece meant for the holiday table. To spark and extend a conversation on gratitude. http://www.thethanksgivingreader.com/

NOTE: A quick reminder for Black Friday. It won’t make you happy.


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