Refilling Gas Tanks

I first entered the Air Force as a mechanic on the KC-135 aircraft and loved the mission.

The KC-135 is large aircraft with enormous fuel reserves and a mission to refuel other aircraft in the air. The specialized airplane doesn’t launch missiles, carry much cargo, or launch night attacks on the bad guys.

It simply refuels the gas tanks of those that do.

Just like leaders.

Empty tanks crash airplanes and careers. Even the best fighter jets in the world turn into expensive paperweights without fuel.

Are you refueling the tanks of your teams?

Are you fighting for earned bonuses, praising in public, inspiring with shared goals, motivating by example, encouraging with one-on-one talks, remembering birthdays/anniversaries, and passing compliments received from senior leaders on to your team?

Remember that it’s easy to see and comment on a rapidly declining fuel gauge…it’s another thing entirely to pour in some gas.

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