Rock Bottom: What Addicts, Pastors, and other Wildly Successful People Know

Rock bottom is a place where you land and change begins. It’s the place where addicts decide and begin recovery. The place where pastors see many begin again. And if we’re smart, it’s the point at which people and companies that seek significance decide (and choose).

Choose your rock bottom.

Some gambling addicts find rock bottom when they’ve pawned their car. Others when they’re down to their last few hundred thousand dollars.

Some companies find a safety program when an employee dies. Smart companies build safety cultures before tragedy.

Some people seek counseling after one moves out. Smart people seek out counseling while the relationship is healthy and vibrant.

The secret to rock bottom is we get to choose. Before we’re at the pawn shop. Before the blood is on the pavement. Before excuses are given to families.

When we say “enough”, we make room for change.

Choose your rock bottom.


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