Safety at the North Pole

“Do you know what the elves at the North Pole say, Dad?”

The days I have at home, in between traveling, are precious. We walk for an hour every evening as a family. These walks tend to inspire conversations with my wife and children that just don’t occur in the house.

Like the elves.

“No, Hunter…what do elves say?”

My 7-year old probed, “You’ve never been to the North Pole?”

“Only North Pole, Alaska.”

“Well, Dad, the elves say that ‘believing is seeing and seeing is not believing.’ Is that always true?”

It’s certainly true in safety. I find if we expect supervisors not to care about safety, skirt rules when managers aren’t around, and senior leadership to deprioritize EHS in the annual budget, your expectations will be met.

What if we believed first?

What if we believed supervisors wanted to do the best job they knew how to do, that managers wanted to be appreciated for what they accomplish, and senior leaders also desired to find a way to keep their business teams safe and productive?

What would safety be like if we believed?


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