Safety is Political

Politics: “The art of science of government” – Merriam Webster

(Alternative Definition) Politics: “The good ol’ boy network, cronyism, organizational resistance to change, and power-hungry and morally-corrupt individuals”– The definition most people refer to when speaking of politics within a business or other organization.

Safety shouldn’t play politics. However, where people are involved (and people always are), politics follows.

Why? Because people carry different values, beliefs, experiences, goals, and motivations. Therefore consensus, required in a democracy, must be built.

At a point where you are sick of politics? Read “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” by Edmund Morris. The book, a Pulitzer Prize winner, should be required reading for anyone interested in making a difference on a large scale. By reading what Roosevelt went through, in New York’s legislature and as the city’s Police Commissioner, one can begin to understand the difference a single person who cares is able to make in the world, even amongst corruption.

You will know how much of a difference you are making by the resistance you feel.

Good safety often feels this resistance.

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