Safety Signs

There is a whiteboard in the gym where I work out. It’s often filled with the workout of the day and hash marks from someone’s workout.

Once a month, all of this is erased and someone writes, “Put all fitness equipment back properly; all barbells, plates, and kettlebells!!”

It’s the dual exclamation marks that mean the most to me.

I’ll bet everyone who reads that note will put everything away, thankful for the reminder and words of encouragement. It’s their duty as faithful gym-goers, right?

Or not.

Ever read the safety signs in your facilities? They read like the fitness note. Cautions, warnings, some professionally printed, others written in permanent marker, all equally inspiring and friendly.

Just like the core values your company espouses, but never talks about, safety programs which exist only in poster form are valueless. Safety is not Fight Club, it must be talked about (and acted upon).

Need a poster? Try using a picture of one of your employees, nicely asking others to attend to housekeeping, or to please watch out for forklifts. Want more impact? Have the worker’s daughter or son hold their hand in the picture. And talk about safety (and core values).

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