Say yes so you can say no later

Four people this week spoke with me about this. They couldn’t say “no”.

They’d each made decisions in the past that had backed them into a corner. And their options were down to one poor, distasteful choice. They had to say “yes”. They would go on to accept jobs they didn’t want. In places they didn’t want to live. For less money than they needed.

*Say yes to training, experience, education, and certification…so you can say no to the first thing that comes along. And yes to one you’re passionate about.
*Say yes to saving a significant portion of your income today…so you can say no to working in a job you don’t like for more years than you should.
*Say yes to taking care of yourself and your family…so you can say no to harmful habits later (e.g. working too much, overspending, overeating, under-exercising).

So say yes now…and no later.

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