Separating Decisions from Emotion (or why your hazard controls fail)

We’ve done the hard work.

We found the real cause of the incident. And researched hazard controls to implement. Now we’re ready to present to senior management.
Or not.
We think…”Will they really do this?” “This control is too expensive. This will require culture change. This will mean different processes. Will this really last?
And we kill our position.
Because we haven’t separated decision from emotion.
We must decide first. Then work through the difficult implementation, conversations, conflicts, and emotions that are inevitable.
Think this only applies to EHS?
-Want to reorganize a company or unit?
-Want to reach a “moon-shot” goal?
-Want anything in this life worthy of your best?
Then separate the decision from the emotion.
Decide first. Then figure out the rest.

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