Shaving My Head: How I Solved My Overflowing Inbox

I shaved my head for the first time in 2009. A receding hairline and the 30-minute wait for a barber during a military deployment provided the inspiration.

But my hair kept growing. In fact, in some areas on my head, my hair grows nonstop. If I wasn’t satisfied with anything less than a smooth pate, I’d have to stand ready with a razor at all times, looking for the shadow of growth.

That’s crazy…right?

Yet it’s exactly how we handle email. Always on, always connected. Instantly ready to reply, as if there is a prize for email. All of this at the expense of what matters.

So I shave my head twice a week. And I turn on my inbox (through the Send/Receive tab in Outlook) three times a day: 0730 for urgent only and then at 1000 and 1530 for routine messages.

I tried for years to always be on, always connected. It’s crazy.

Like standing in front of a mirror waiting for hair to grow.


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