Show me yours and I’ll show you mine

On a monthly mentoring team call that I host, a mentee relayed her priorities. And the “why” behind them. All truly admirable. But she was failing!

Her priorities:

-Complete final three bachelor’s courses

-Complete ASP

-Spend quality family time

-Maintain health/score an “Excellent” on annual military fitness test

And in 12 months, she’d made ZERO progress!

So I asked her where she was spending time.

Her calendar:

-630 Wakeup, take kids to daycare

-730-1100 Work (safety investigations/inspections)

-1100-1200 Lunch with colleagues (fast food to go)

-1200-5pm Work (training/inspections)

-5pm Pick up kids/cook dinner

-6pm Family time (watch 2/3 hrs of TV/internet) to “decompress”

-930pm Bedtime

Do you see disconnects?

Show me your calendar and I’ll show you your real priorities. This is a version of the unattributed saying “Show me a person’s checkbook and I can tell you what he cares about.”

What do you want? And what does your calendar say?


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2 thoughts on “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine

  1. While I understand the need to post your morning messages on the website, I liked it better when I got them directly from a FB post. Since they’re so short, I suggest putting that here with a little more info (personal anecdote, example from the news/pop culture, etc) on the website.