So I Took Advice from the Homeless Guy in Las Vegas

On the return road trip from a National Park tour this summer, my family and I stopped in Las Vegas for several days. While walking to a roller coaster with my 6-year-old son, we noticed a homeless man with a sign: “Advice $1.00; Good Advice $2.00”.


And that’s why advice must be filtered. As well as critiques and other feedback. Because much of it isn’t valuable. Much of it doesn’t apply to your path. Not even worth the $1.

If two running race courses intersected, and for a moment the marathoner met with the 5k runner, and the marathoner gave running advice to the other, should she listen? Probably not. They’re in two different races.

Note: And now that my son can read quite proficiently, Las Vegas is dangerous. The next guy’s sign was asking for money for bullets. His wife had kicked him out and he needed ammo.


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