So I’m Working On An Anti-Gravity Machine

“Human error causes 94% of traffic accidents.” – 2015 NHTSA report

In multiple studies and published reports from federal agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these human error statistics are repeated to emphasize the human element of accidents.

Yes, humans are easily distracted, forgetful, habitual, fatigued quickly…and yes, these qualities result in 90% of all “accidents”.

The famous chemical process safety engineer, Dr. Trevor Kletz, said it best.

“For a long time, people were saying that most accidents were due to human error and this is true in a sense, but it’s not very helpful. It’s a bit like saying that falls are due to gravity.”

The cause of the incident or mishap was not human error, but the lack of preparation for human interaction with the system.

Gravity pulls and objects fall to the earth. But it’s not the cause.


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