Stop Convincing Others You’re Normal (if you have more to give)

You can’t be normal and expect abnormal returns.”

– Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor of organizational behavior at Stanford University.

You learned this in kindergarten. The way to fit in and socialize was to act normal. Tell others you like what they like and play what they play. And it worked.

Stop today. Because you have more to be and more to give than is normal. If you still tell others you are, you may well convince yourself.

And then you’ll get normal. And give normal.

Normal in the U.S. is to:

-Hate Mondays,

-Love Fridays,

-Watch 33 hours a week of television,

-Be obese (35% of adults),

-In debt ($15,310 in credit cards),

-Text and drive (660,000 drivers at any one time),

-Give up when it gets hard (it’s not meant for me)

Normal. Thoreau warned against this thinking when he wrote of quiet desperation and going to the grave with the song still inside.

Get your song out.


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