Stop with Plan B

Fail-safes, fail-active, fail-operational, fail-passive, and Plan Bs.

EHS, and specifically systems safety, prescribes them in all systems. Navy SEALs use the phrase, “two is one and one is none” to further emphasize backup plans.

But do Plan Bs hold us back?

Seth Godin writes in “Linchpin”: “As soon as you say, ‘I’ll try my best,’ instead of ‘I will,’ you’ve opened the door for the lizard.” Godin’s “lizard” is the part of the brain (the limbic system) which responds to anger, revenge, sex, and fear. (It’s why you cannot give a speech while drowning nor fall in love while having a heart attack.)

Is your fail-safe or backup plan tempering your commitment? Have you substituted “I’ll try” for “I will”?

Maybe it’s time to lose your Plan B and “will” Plan A.


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