Stuck in a Well: A Parable Regarding an EHS Professional


I heard the shout from across the field.

“Help, down here!”

I ran toward the voice and came to a hole in the ground. It was a deep well, but with the sun directly overhead, the dry bottom was visible. Then a face appeared.

“Hey you, please help me!”

“Sure!” I called back. “How did you get down there?”

“I know, I know” he replied, shaking his head. “I shouldn’t be down here. But you don’t understand where I work. My manager is incompetent, barely does any work, and sits in her office all day…on Facebook I think. My co-workers are burnt out from the work load and more work comes in every day. What should I do?”

I looked past the face to the floor of the hole. There were pieces of something there…was that a ladder rung and a 2×4?

“Is that a ladder next to you?” I asked.

“Just pieces of a ladder, a few rungs, some rope, and several long 2x4s.” He shook his head again. “I thought about using them to get out of here…but I’m too busy doing what my manager should be doing…she’s just so inefficient!”

Last week, I spoke with an EHS professional in this very predicament. The ladder rungs were there. Free college (paid for by their company), access to certification reimbursement (again paid for by their company), and access to every EHS experience necessary for future growth…waiting to be picked up and put together. Like a ladder in the well.


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