That Look In Their Eye

You’ve met those people. Typically junior in the organization. From the moment you met them, you knew they weren’t just going to make it…they were going to make it BIG.

What was it? You didn’t know much about them at all…but what you knew mattered.

I’ve also felt it when doing informal exit interviews. While speaking with people retiring or separating from military service, I too get a sense of their future success.

Here’s what success doesn’t sound like:

“My supervisor…”

“My workplace…”

“There was no time for…”

“The training I received…”

And here is what I hear from people who are going places:

“I tried to…”

“I choose to…”

“I will…”

“I’m determined to”

Psychologists call in an internal locus of control. A way of viewing the world in a way where you maintain accountability. Not in a selfish way, but in a way that leaves no room for excuses.

In any unit, with any supervisor, in any profession, with any amount of resources.

You will-because you can.

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