The Bad Week You Had (You Needed It)

How is it two people can go through similar experiences and remember differently?

We see this in incident investigations. Witnesses remember differently. The truck went this way. No it went that way. The noise came from up there…or was it over there?

But this isn’t about investigations. It’s about us.

We have two pasts. The one that happened and the one we remember. The reality that was and the one we repeat to ourselves.

For a moment, think of the worst thing that happened this week. The one that you wish wouldn’t happen again.

What if this didn’t happen to you…but for you? What if this was what you needed to grow, learn, and level up?

Changing the way we see things is our choice. And that choice is what separates you from normal. Cuts you off from average.

Because it wasn’t a bad week…was it?


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