The Hard Way

My son loves to climb boulders. He’s nearly 7 and has loved climbing rocks, hills, and even walls since he could walk.

When we go on hikes he doesn’t follow the path. Ever. He’s always going “off-road” and clambering up a house-size boulder. He’ll frequently turn around, wink at me, and tell me “We take the hard way…don’t we, Dad?”

The hard way. It’s how we hike.

It’s also the solution for many challenges.

An aversion to difficult allows problems to fester and opportunities to disappear. Finding a shortcut, a hack, or an easy way often fails to produce results we can be proud of.

Hard conversations, difficult feedback, changing our minds, or creating the next big thing…these cannot be hacked. There is no easy way to do it right.

Always remember that there’s someone watching you, seeing how you do “hard”.

Just turn around, wink, and say “We take the hard way…don’t we?”


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