The lie of a convenient tomorrow

In 1928 Otto Rohwedder completed work on a bread slicing machine. The mechanized slicer transformed the baking industry and made the consumption of bread convenient.

This dependence on convenience slowly infected both our personal and professional lives.

-The big project at work? We’ll do it when it’s convenient.

-Finish our graduate degree? When the kids are out of the house and work slows down.

-Study for that promotion or certification? Next year looks convenient.

Your calendar is a lie. Look ahead a few months…those wide open days, all that white space, so much opportunity! But you’ll fill it. Day by day, appointment by appointment, the space will become foggy and slowly disappear.

Your internal bucket list; those projects, experiences, memories and goals you want to accomplish…these will only be done in the inconvenience of today, not in the lie of a convenient tomorrow.

Don’t fear inconvenience. Fear the unlived life. (and slice your own bread)

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