The Next Generation of Safety Professionals

Yesterday, I had the honor of sharing the floor with Jim Smith, M.S., CSP (ASSE President) and Jitu Patel, CPEA (ASSE Fellow and Global Ambassador) in a discussion with the Alaska ASSE Student chapter members and leaders in EHS from across Alaska.

The students asked questions on continuing education, credentialing, internships, and scholarship opportunities. Jitu’s passion for EHS flows from his stories. His excitement about the importance of safety across the globe is contagious. Jim’s vision for ASSE and the profession is equally intense. Being in the same room as these two giants in EHS was humbling. But when Jim spoke about the work that the ASSE Foundation is doing, my jaw dropped.

Since 1990, the ASSE Foundation has awarded 970 scholarships, totaling $2,440,180. In 2017 alone, a record of $303,000 in scholarships was awarded! The Foundation board, led by David T. Crowley, CSP, CHMM, also awards grants and funds research to build on the profession’s knowledge base.

And even better news? The open season for scholarship applications is NOW! Here’s a link to learn more about the tremendous work of the ASSE Foundation and application instructions.

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