The Not-To-Do List

It’s that time of year.

The time when goals and lists for the coming annum are brainstormed and promised. Just before the middle of January when all are forgotten.

In EHS, especially in mishap prevention, we often see a misplaced bias toward action. When an incident occurs, then we must do something, anything, to prevent it from reoccurring. Implement training (even if it fails to correct the issue), demand a study (not a fix, just a study), hire a specialist (further delay), implement a new program (doesn’t matter if it works, it’s new and therefore better).

We have a choice. Make a not-to-do list.

What can you eliminate? What’s lost its original purpose and failed to function as promised?

Can’t (yet) do it at work? Then make one instead for your personal life.

Is Facebook worth 40 minutes a day (US average)? Is the two-hour round trip commute worth the larger house? Are the extra 5 years of work worth the bump in the IRA?

What can you subtract today?


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