The Number 1 Reason Why You Must Mentor This Year

“No time! Does it really matter? Do I know enough?”

I got by for years on this self-talk.

I gave myself excuse after excuse…I was available if anyone needed anything…my door was open, right?


Why is it so important that you choose to mentor this year?

Because when people want to do, be, have, experience…they often fool themselves. Hard things like successful careers are easy to fantasize about…but tough to do.

They need you. Someone in the middle of it. Someone who is doing the tough work.  You, and only you, can offer the perspective from the trench. Because if you wait until you’re on the other side of the work…your memory will gild the experience. You might even tell them it wasn’t so hard.

Choose today to mentor this coming year.

Need ideas on how to get started? Email me for the mentee application I use and a schedule that works for busy professionals.

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