The Radio Station You Must Listen To (no subscription required)

Finding origins in the title of a country song, WIIFM is the channel we all listen to. While not a radio station you’ll find in your car, the acronym stands for “What’s in it for me?” and it plays continually in our heads.

As a leader in EHS, you must solve this question before any substantial progress.

Want a program implemented?

Want a worker to wear PPE?

Want financial support from a senior manager?

Want training, resources, attention, priority, or anything else in your work?

Show others what’s in it for them. Create and share a vision. Answer their WIIFM.

In your own life, remember to balance this perspective. Too much internal WIIFM will lead to missed opportunities, under preparation, and an overly selfish outlook on life in general. Too little and you’ll burn out from mental and physical exhaustion.

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