The Secret to Building Trust in Teams


It’s the ingredient and single characteristic that differentiates teams from work groups and randomly selected clusters of employees.

What’s the secret to encouraging, strengthening, and sustaining trust in a team?

One simple phrase.

“We will figure it out.”

Strong teams use the expression when presented with challenges, exponential growth (profit or loss), unexpected delays, and any situation that tears apart other collections of colleagues.

The “We” signifies community-minded cohesiveness. The “will” represents confidence in the result. And “figure it out” embodies a default towards solution finding.

When teams come together and believe in each other and a positive outcome, they become unstoppable.

And trust builds in momentum.

The next time you’re faced with a big challenge, use it to further trust. Don’t solve it yourself or delegate it to your go-to rising star. Show your team you trust them and their shared trust is a requisite for your shared future.


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