The Three Indicators of Strong Teams

The US Air Force won the 2016 National Safety Council’s Green Cross Award for Safety Excellence. A major component of the nomination came from advanced cultural assessment techniques.

What was learned about safety, teams, and their leaders from hundreds of surveys, thousands of questions, and tens of thousands of participants?

Only three questions mattered.

  1. Did the leader talk about safety?
  2. Was the leader an active example of safety?
  3. Did the leader welcome feedback and handle unexpected change well?

A weakness in these areas indicated where the remaining data would lead.

What made no difference? Fancy databases, glossy EHS posters, the latest computer-based training, RFID tracking of PPE, and every other distraction that can overlay an EHS program without adding value.

Want to better advise directors and managers on building safe and strong teams? Work on these three areas.

Thank you to Dr. Tim Strongin for the work you and your team do.

Link to 2016 NSC Green Cross Award

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