The Urgent Addiction

What’s wrong with urgent?

A confession? I love urgent. I can check the completed task off and update my internal score card. There are those who do not like urgent tasks and deadlines…but they probably couldn’t handle it anyway, right? Wrong.

Urgency changes you.

A Stanford study, where a group of students were told they were each going to the next building to teach the biblical Good Samaritan story, shows the danger of the urgent.

Some of the students were told “speed was of the essence” and another group were not given a time input. Unknown to the students, an “injured” man was placed in their path to the adjacent building. In nearly two-thirds of the cases, the students who were not in a hurry stopped to help the man. Of those who were told that speed was important and were therefore in a hurry, one in ten helped the man.

One in ten helped…on their way to give a talk on the Good Samaritan story!

How does urgent change you?

Link to a summary of the Good Samaritan experiment 


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