The world wants you to settle

You may have received this feedback from supervisors;

“You’re doing great, keep it up!”

Or, “Focus on this one thing (e.g. communication, education, experience) and you’ll continue to be fantastic.”

Never believe your supervisor’s feedback.

Why? They want you to succeed.

But who succeeds in any organization? The majority (see the Normal or Gaussian Curve).

So this well-intended feedback they gave you is for success and the majority…because your supervisor wants to be right.

The world hopes you’ll settle too. Natural forces grind down mountains and flood low-lying areas. It seeks the average. Because the average live on and survive to reproduce. Maybe that’s why exercise hurts, eating vegetables is less appealing than sugar, and sleeping in feels better than waking before the sun. The world is hoping you’ll settle for average.

If you want more than average, to make more of a difference than the mean, to change through innovation rather than incrementalism, to go farther and fly higher, listen to the feedback…but remember it’s only a step in the right direction. It’s the minimum bar to the club of normal.

NOTE: My feedback is also average and often intended for the majority to succeed. Remember no one else can tell you how to be your best. It’s something you find out for yourself.

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