The world was crazy!

There was a time when the world was crazy.

Women could not vote and most people thought it normal.

Slavery was common and legal in democratic nations.

Scientists believed character could be determined by measuring the shape of a person’s head.

Mapmakers drew dragons at the edges of their maps to indicate the unknown.

Children worked in factories and mines.

Today, it’s different. We take these changes for granted. Of course women vote and children should go to school! It’s equally preposterous that one race could be sold to another.

The world was crazy and we’re glad we’ve evolved as a society.

Today, 102 people will die in car crashes (NHTSA) and 60 more in opioid overdoes (CDC). At least 575 hospital patients will die today due to preventable medical errors (AMA).

But this is normal. If most people believe it cannot change, then they must be right…right?


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