The Worst Advice

Advice comes to us in many ways. Some is verbal, but many times the advice we get is through the actions of others.

Here’s the worst advice I’ve personally received:

-Just blend in here.

-Don’t read. I don’t and look where it got me!

-Treat everyone the same in annual appraisals. Aren’t we all equal anyway?

-Think of yourself first.

-You know after your back surgery, you won’t run again, right?

-You’re trying too hard.

-Lower your standards.

-It didn’t work for me…it won’t work for you either.

-Some people are just bad at math.

-You know…not everyone can get a CSP.

-What do enlisted Airmen need graduate degrees for?

-You are different. So don’t expect others to perform as well.

-Professional development? Nah…I’m too old for that! Besides, I’m retiring in 10 years.

-You can’t fix stupid. (from a senior leader referring to injuries around aircraft)

-Stay in your lane.

Don’t believe it. Not for a second. You were born to win and win big.

*What’s the worst advice you’ve received?


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