The “Wussification” of America

“I’ve worked for thirty years and my family is stronger today than ever…This idea that somehow you can’t get your work done because you’re nurturing is complete B.S….it is the ‘wussification’ of America. You know, here’s an idea, when you’re with your family try being with your family. Turn off the stupid television, put the phone down…wherever you are, be there.” – Dave Ramsey

Most of the time, we know what we believe. But sometimes it’s hard to decide what not to accept as true. And worse, if we hear an idea long enough and from enough people, we begin to believe it.

Ramsey’s statement is a refutation of a false choice, the idea that you can’t have both a healthy family relationship and a successful business. He doesn’t believe it.

Family or work

Safety or profits

Successful or happy

Safe or fast

These are all false choices…and you don’t have to choose.

(NOTE: Yes, the Ramsey quote is strongly worded, in what I believe is an attempt to wake an audience up to these pervasive false choices.)

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