They Are Not Buying Your Safety Program

“People don’t buy quarter-inch drills, they buy quarter-inch holes.” – Theodore Levitt, economist and Harvard professor

They don’t want it. The job safety analysis, the hazardous energy control program, the courtesy safety inspection, the incident investigation. These are Levitt’s quarter-inch drills (or drill bits).

They need quarter-inch holes.

It’s not a job safety analysis; it’s a way to work consistently to ensure the job is accomplished and everyone goes home without injury and equipment is not destroyed.

It’s not a HEC program: it’s the key to seeing your buddy tomorrow because he wasn’t electrocuted or caught between those gears today.

It’s not a safety inspection: it’s a way to make your workplace stand out and schedule regular housekeeping.

It’s not an incident investigation: it’s penance for overlooking an obvious hazard. It’s a way to draw attention to a lack of resources. It’s an opportunity to iterate and make it better.

Sell what they buy.


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