They Aren’t “Getting” Safety? (How’s Your Commute?)

We shake our heads.

How can “they” not understand the long-term consequences and risk of not wearing protective eyeglasses or a fall protection harness? They could lose an eye…or their life!

So, how’s your commute?

*We choose large houses with big backyards far from work. For our family’s “quality of life”.

(But we close our minds to the trade off of spending hours of traffic and away from family.)

*We choose fast food and working lunches to improve productivity.

(But we forget our expanding waistlines and increased stress levels.)

*We choose marathons of television and internet shopping to wind down.

(But we shut off the quiet places where internal growth occurs.)

We also choose the smartphone friend over the friend we’re sitting next to.

Quantity over quality.

Now over later.


Are these choices inevitable?



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