They Lied to You (and they still do)

I was in 10th grade physics when several students discussed future life plans…travel, escape, adventure, and living abroad. The teacher laughed. He said that we’d all stay right there in the same small town…and gave us numerous examples of people who’d stayed.

You could almost hear hearts breaking.

He lied. He lied to protect his dreams, to rationalize why he was teaching there…and it took me years to forget.

They lied when they said your drawing wasn’t good. (you can’t make money at art)

They lied when you had difficulty with math. (you won’t be good, just get through it)

They lied when they said recess was only for elementary children (and created a world of office workers)

They still lie.

They lie when they give you feedback and tell you everything is good.

They lie when they tell you to wait your turn.

Don’t believe them. Forget their story and tell your own. And never retell their lies.

Forget…and believe in you again.


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