This Is Awful

The experiences in your life that feel the worst, in the end shape your character. But they don’t feel like it at the time.

Gen Hap Arnold (then a Major) testified to Billy Mitchell’s character at his court martial. As a reward, Arnold was “professionally exiled” to Fort Riley to serve in a dead-end job. This dead-end job propelled him to the 5 stars he’d eventually wear.

What awful experiences can you look back on and say were actually good for you?

Here are a couple of mine:

I was 6, our television broke and my dad didn’t replace it until I was 17. (Awful for a kid! Taught me to read books and go outside.)

I was 20 and received an Article 15/demotion. (Awful! Taught me how to focus on what was important.)

What about you? Feel free to send me your awful experience…and what you learned.

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