Three Ways to Better Feedback

Feedback is tough. It can be hard to give (up and down the organization) and humbling to receive (from subordinates or supervisors). When you are junior and give feedback, you may feel fear of retaliation. If you are senior, and held honest feedback sessions before, you’ve felt the distance created when feedback went off-track and parties became defensive.

Here are three ways to better feedback:

1. Ask: If your organization has a system of written feedback, hold your supervisor accountable. Tell them you value it and put time on the calendar. And ask for specific feedback. Enough “…you’re doing great.”

2. Cultivate: It’s said that you have a world-class team when they disagree with you. After all, if only your opinion matters, what is the team for? Tell your team they are valued (and mean it).

3. Act: Tell the person giving feedback how you’ll act on it. Whether it’s a new idea or schedule adjustment, show them by your actions their feedback is essential.


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