Three Ways to Find a CSP Mentor

I’d studied for months, then took a practice test to gauge my progress. There were so many questions I had no idea how to solve! So I threw my ASP/CSP study books in the closet and quit.

Then, quite by accident, I found a few mentors and passed the exams.

Mentors, those who have gone before and can provide guidance, are essential when life is difficult. And the certification exams fall well within the difficult category.

Here are three ways you can find a mentor.

  1. LinkedIn: Begin with a word search. Search “CSP” and reach out to your existing 1st-degree connections. Message them, ask for support, and be specific about how they can help.
  2. BCSP: Check out the mentor page for qualified professionals who’ve signed up to provide mentoring.
  3. Your company: Do not overlook this valuable resource! Your mentor could be right down the hall or in another division. For example, in the Air Force we have a website dedicated to safety certifications, with contacts for mentors.

Want more tips on becoming a Certified Safety Professional? Check out the “Top 10 things to know before taking the ASP/CSP exams”. Get it free here.

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