Three Ways to Give Better (Last-Minute) Presentations

It’s always better to prepare. But sometimes there is no time to draft the perfect transitions and to rehearse. You just have to go (now).

Whether you have a two-minute walk down the hall to the auditorium, or just the 10 seconds from the table to the front of the meeting room, here are three ways to give better impromptu talks.

  1. Pick three points (and fast): One main idea which is supported by three points. Three works great with limited attention spans. Three is easy to remember. (And three might be the reason you clicked on this post).
  2. Make one a story: We remember stories. They speak to us at a deeper level than bar charts and graphs. If you want to have your audience remember anything you’re about to say, say it with a story.
  3. Surprise your audience: Be vulnerable. Share what you’ve learned. Reveal your humanity and your flaws.

Do you have a go-to method for last-minute talks?

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