Transitioning Safely: What questions (or advice) do you have regarding transitioning to a civilian safety career?

You will leave your current job. Depending on the source, approximately 200,000 military members leave the service annually, through separation or retirement. In Air Force Safety alone, 45-50 Airmen move on to new careers every year. If you’ve attended TAP (Transition Assistance Program), you may have found the material quite generic, especially if you wish to continue a career in EHS.

In an effort to help military members desiring civilian careers in EHS, I’m working on a transition guide with questions and answers, advice from recruiters and veteran EHS professionals, suggested timelines, and a description of various niches in EHS.

Would you be able to help?

If you’re transitioning in the next 1-4 years, what questions do you have?

If you’ve transitioned, what advice would you give?

If you hire EHS professionals, would you mind answering a few questions?

Send a note with your questions, advice, and feedback to I’d love to get your ideas!

If I include your thoughts, I’d like to send you an advance copy of the transition guide, be sure to let me know if this would be alright!


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