Two Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Today

For EHS professionals, public speaking is essential to effectively connect with large audiences.

For some, it remains their weakest area. Here are two ways to improve (and ones I still use).

1. Stand like Superman (or Wonder Woman)-Increasing your confidence level prior to a speech or presentation is critical to how your message is received. Studies from Harvard and University of Texas indicate higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol improve confidence levels and “power poses” naturally raise testosterone and lower cortisol. Prior to your speech, try standing like Superman or sit with your hands behind your head to affect these hormones and give you increased confidence.

2. Focus on Transitions-Most speakers know their material. However they get lost in between slides and subjects and end up losing their audience. Here’s a tip. Memorize the transitional sentences. It’ll appear natural and keep your audience engaged.

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