Unspectacular Preparation

In a world with near instant access to information, it’s easy to forget that not everything is an internet search away.

Yes, we can find the capital of Columbia, the population of Thailand, and there’s even an app for the NIOSH lifting equation.

But the biggest opportunities in life rarely come from rote memorization.

What can’t be Googled? Only the most important things.

The willpower to make it happen,

the self-confidence to persuade an opposing viewpoint,

the persistence to go farther than the crowd,

the empathy to address a colleague,

the foresight to save for retirement,

the courage to have integrity when it’s hard, and

the ability to listen and not speak.

Today we prepare for tomorrow. We will either arrive ready to take on a new challenge or we won’t.

How are you preparing today?

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”  – Robert H. Schuller


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