Someone in your organization doesn’t care about what you do. They don’t care what your title is nor know the value you bring to the business’s EHS culture.

They do know that you’ve walked by them every morning and have never said “Hello.”

Someone on your team has worked for you for several years now. They like the way you execute and your reputation for results proceeds you.

They also know you’ve never sincerely thanked them for the work they do.

Maybe it’s because, as EHS professionals, we intuitively look for the gaps in the system, the non-compliant process, and the training deficiency.

This myopic focus on the less-than-perfect overshadows all the good, the talent, and the abilities…the human side of the work. And we forget to appreciate others (and ourselves).

Find a way to thank someone today.

Because what good is being safe if you feel unvalued?


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