Use the Silver

The silverware sat in the drawer, a gift from his grandmother. Although tarnished by age, the silver forks, spoons, and knives had not been used at a table in decades. The set reminded him of family and holidays spent together.

When the fire happened, little was saved. Photographs, books, and furniture were scorched beyond salvage. So too was the silver.

After the fire, he deliberately bought a small silver table set. It was used at every meal; to bake, to cook and to serve. He would wait no longer.

Our houses, garages, and offices are filled with items like this silver. Tea sets of fine china, vintage wine, Corvettes, pen sets, crystal glasses, and bottles of aged single barrel whisky.

All waiting for THE event or celebration.

The event is now and the celebration is today. Memories won’t wait until you’re ready and fires will come.

So pour the tea. Drive the ‘Vette. Drink the whisky.

Your grandmother would be proud.


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